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My Story

One hundred years ago, my family immigrated to the United States from Bologna and Abruzzo, Italy. My desire to create small batch artisanal gelato comes from growing up in the kitchen with my Nonna and mother. Until I went to college, I thought everyone spent the weekend cooking and baking together as a family. Sadly, the old traditions of home cooked and Sunday dinners at Nonnas gave way to new generations of packaged food and no dedicated time for the family.

After 20 years as a banker and entrepreneur, I could not deny my passion for Italian food any longer. I was fortunate to find mentors in Italy who improved my gelato making skills. One can only learn just so much from books. There is nothing that I do not love about crafting fresh gelato each day from fresh ingredients. I continue to return to the land my family came from and continue to learn and improve my craft. Sometimes it is the old ways that are the best ways. Hard work, attention to detail, and the knowledge of where your ingredients came from are the recipe for successful artisanal gelato.

I never use commercially produced pastes, purees, or other products. We fabricate everything from scratch every day. For example, we use real mint leaves to create mint gelato and we grind our own nuts, roasted in house, to flavor our gelato.

"Se non lo facciamo, non lo vendiamo"