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New! Fraisier Torts

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I'm very excited about a new product offering we'll be debuting in Reston when we get open. The Fraisier Tort. It's like Strawberry Shortcake grew up and went to finishing school in Italy. Fresh strawberries line the mold and are then surrounded by freshly made Creme Diplomat, which is pastry cream and whipped cream. Two layers of hidden sponge cake, doused in vanilla syrup, are filled with more strawberries before the whole thing is covered in Creme Diplomat and finished.

Everything is made in house, fresh, from scratch, every day. We make the vanilla syrup from real vanilla beans, simmered with water and sugar. The sponge cake is made by hand, and the Creme Diplomat is made fresh, in house, each day (yes, with real vanilla beans - you can see the black seeds in the photo).

It's a great dish for one or two at 4" in diameter. Give it a try. It will only get better as the strawberries come into season!